Mark Davis (mark_davis) wrote in freddy_vs_jason,
Mark Davis

RPG, Anyone?

I doubt anyone will even see this, but I thought I ought to try. I'm a long time Role Player of Mark Davis, Brendan Fletcher's character from FvsJ. I had my own RPG awhile back, but it died due to lack of committed role players. I'm still very much up for role playing Mark. I even wrote his Wiki page info: 

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is a patient at Westin Hills psychiatric hospital, admitted against his will due to his nightmares about Freddy Krueger, to isolate his knowledge of him from the other teenagers of Springwood. His older brother Bobby was also tormented by Krueger until he committed suicide. Mark is able to provide Will Rollins, Lori Campbell and their friends with his knowledge of Krueger to help them try to survive. While in the hospital, Mark is dosed with Hypnocil to prevent him dreaming but after escaping he begins to dream, allowing Freddy to murder him.

I'd originally wrote move, but someone has edited it down. Anyway, you can find me on this profile, or my Facebook profile, linked on my entries. Just throwing this out there. 


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