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Freddy vs Jason Podcast

After doing maratons of all the old Freddy and Jason films (each available as their own episodes) we recently discussed FvJ on our podcast Double Feature. You can subscribe in iTunes to get the episode.

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We talk about how fucking fantastic it is that this was even made, and what they pulled from each series that made it so awesome. Also in this episode is our discussion over the pirate bay's film, Steal This Film 2.

Topics: Freddy actually versus Jason! Missing the point. Different approaches in the same universe. Equal time. Making the collaboration work. The new Freddy and Jason. The callbacks. The staples. This story is awesome! More Robert Englund talk. How to trap Jason. Abandoning canon. What does this ending mean? The Pirate Bay. Independent film. Digital format. A series of experiments regarding the ethicacy of film watching / buying / stealing / downloading. Law is a fucking decade behind technology. Winamp. What about borrowing? Creative commons. Stealing other types of art. The used market. Sharing a DVD. Why piracy exists. Tivo. Stop making excuses!

Send us feedback and let us know what you think.

Also, if you're really into either series, check out our older Killapalooza episodes to get over two hours of Freddy and Jason stuff.

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